World traveler and style guru Emily Underhill is a pretty rad chick who can usually be found doing pretty cool stuff. This Louisiana native had her first passport before she could walk or talk and has now been to over 45 countries across 5 continents. Having spent over a decade in the fashion industry, Emily has lived, studied, and worked in some of the top fashion and shopping capitals of the world- places such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and even Florence, Italy. This Fashion Institute of Technology graduate spent two years working as a luxury shopping guide at sea before taking her talents shoreside. As a co-founder of VandemicUSA, Emily now travels the US as an advocate for the #vanlife movement while still being a style and travel icon. From the road she has recently launched Silibi, an online vintage boutique filled with top-of-the-line treasures personally curated by Emily during her travels.  


U.S. News

Emily reveals some of her best tips for shopping for engagement rings. Find out how where to start and how to pick the perfect one.


Dive into life on the road with Vandemic USA founders Emily and Alissa in Alissa's Medium article which covers everything from what inspired their #vanlife journey to what they have planned next.

Refinery 29

Writer Whizy Kim explores what life is like for Americans on unemployment during COVID-19 and talks with Emily about her transition from cruise life to van life, including how being unemployed has affected her personally.  


Emily shares her experience with the No Poo method of hair care and some tips for getting started on your own.  

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